Welcome to the Bioinformatics-Computational Biology Postgraduate Programme


The Master’s Program in “Bioinformatics – Computational Biology” aims to meet the demand for high-level specialized education, providing foundational knowledge to young scientists in the scientific field of Bioinformatics. Given the explosion in biological research and biological data, the existence of a scientific workforce with expertise in Bioinformatics leads to the creation of a critical mass of scientists that radically changes the way biological research is conducted today.

The program is organized and coordinated by the Department of Biology of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. Additionally, the program collaborates with a wide range of prominent Universities and Research Centers in the Greek territory, including the Agricultural University of Athens, the University of Thessaly, the National Technical University of Athens, Harokopio University, the Foundation for Biomedical Research of the Academy of Athens (FBRAA), the National Center for Scientific Research (NCSR) “Demokritos”, among others. The courses of the Program are taught by professors and researchers who belong to the aforementioned institutions. Moreover, invited lectures from prominent speakers from major educational and/or research institutions in Greece and abroad are included in the program

The Director of MSc

 Vassiliki Iconomidou

Associate Professor

Section of Cell Biology and Biophysics

Department of Biology,

National & Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece