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Thesis Project


The thesis project constitutes an independent scientific and systematic approach to analyzing a research question in the field of Bioinformatics Computational Biology, and synthesizing a solution, based on existing literature and/or other research studies. The thesis project, which may involve computational, in silico experiments, has a research, analytical, developmental, or applied character. Its goal is to enable the graduate student to practice research methodology and address practical problems that arise during its conduct.

Thesis Project Topics:

In the second semester of the M.Sc. program, instructors propose thesis project topics, which are announced to the students. Students submit applications with a proposed title, supervisor, and abstract of the work. This is followed by the selection of the topic, appointment of a supervisor, and the recommendation of a three-member examining committee. The Academic Committee validates the final selection according to the Department’s regulations (Law 3685/2008 – Government Gazette 148, A’).

Writing and Presentation of the Thesis Project:

Upon completion of the experimental part of the thesis project and with the supervisor’s consent, the writing of the text begins. Formatting follows the cover page template and guidelines. The language (Greek or English) is determined by the topic’s specification. The final text is submitted to the Three-Member Examination Committee and to the M.Sc. Secretariat at least 20 working days before the presentation. The examination takes place with the presence of a three-member examining committee in an open seminar. At the most crucial stage of the examination, it is important for examiners to understand the content and significance of the work, even if they have not read the full text. Emphasizing the key points of the work is recommended for a successful presentation.

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