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Facilities and Infrastructure

The Bioinformatics Postgraduate Program is housed in the Department of Cell Biology and Biophysics of the Faculty of Biology.

The Program operates using the following lecture halls:

  • Lecture Room No. 50, New Wing, Department of Cell Biology and Biophysics
  • Lecture Room “Pantazis”, Department of Cell Biology and Biophysics

All courses are taught using presentations with a personal computer and projector.

In addition to the lecture halls, the Bioinformatics Program offers a computer room for course presentations and practicals.  The computer room includes state of the art equipment that meets the demands of the taught courses.

The Faculty of Biology houses its own Reading Room with approximately 200 study positions, located below the School of Science’s Dean offices.  The Reading Room operates daily from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm and offers internet WiFi access for students possessing the proper equipment (Laptop, cell phone etc) and an account in the University’s Network Operations Center (NOC).

The Bioinformatics Program offers its personal library, through which its students may obtain manuscripts related to the Program’s curriculum.  Additionally, the Masters Students of the Program can, as students from the Faculty of Biology, have access to the School of Science’s Library.  For more information, students may direct their questions towards the Program’s secretariat.

Finally, the Masters Students of the Program, as recognized students of the University of Athens, have access to the following services: