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Important Dates for the 2016-2017 Academic year

  • Applications Call: 01-09-2017
  • Applications Deadline: 06-10-2017
  • Expected Start Date: 16-10-2017
  • Expected End Date 30-09-2019

Prerequisites and the Admissions Process

The Bioinformatics Postgraduate Programme admits graduates from the following fields:

  • Schools of Science (Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Informatics, Mathematics, Physics etc)
  • Polytechnical schools
  • Economical schools
  • Agricultural schools
  • Medical schools and schools of Biomedical Schools/Applications

from recognized Universities and academic foundations in Greece or abroad, as well as graduates from Technological Educational Institutes (TEI) in related disciplines.  Additional prerequisites for admission are defined by the Programmes Scientific Committee (S.C.). Furthermore, the admissions process involves a personal interview of the applicant by the Admissions Committtee.

Evaluation and final admissions for each applicant are decided based on the following criteria:

  1. A certified copy of the applicants Bachelor’s (Bsc) Degree. For degrees from Universities outside of Greece, recognition from the National Academic Recognition Information Center (DIKATSA/DOATAP) is required.  Additional Bachelor or Master’s degrees, if available, will be taken into account.
  2. A copy of the applicant’s Diploma Thesis (if available).
  3. A certificied detailed transcript of courses taken and grades earned by the applicants for their Bachelor’s degree(s) (and other Master’s degrees, if applicable).
  4. A certificate for adequate knowledge of the English Language (Cambridge FCE, Michigan ECCE or equivalent).
  5. At least two (2) letters of recommendation from Academia faculty or research associates, members of recognized institutes in Greece or abroad, that hold a Doctorate degree or recognized scientists with experience in related fields of research (publications, scientific projects, technical excellence etc) that may enhance the applicant’s credentials.
  6. Full CV, including information on academic background, previous professional positions, research interests etc. In cases when the applicant has participated in the writing of scientific publications or scientific conferences announcements, copies of the aforementioned works are expected.
  7. In cases of employment, a signed affirmation from the applicant’s employer, stating the applicant’s ability to fulfill their obligations towards the Programme.
  8. Two photographs.
  9. A scanned copy of the applicant’s identification card.

The evaluation process includes an interview of the applicant before members of the Programme’s Admissions Committee. Following the initial evaluation process, the Admissions Committee will come in session and, based on the afore mentioned criteria, will decide the final number and ranking of accepted students. Successfull applicants will be accepted as Graduate Students of the Programme with the confirmation by the Faculty of Biology’s General Assembly. A maximum of twenty (20) Graduate students are accepted in each academic year.

Students that, for technical or other reasons, haven’t completed their undergraduate studies by the Programme’s deadline dates are also eligible for admissions, provided they have completed all their responsibilities towards their Bachelor’s degree and have provided all required documents by the date they are admitted to the Programme.

Students Tuitions

The Programme’s costs are covered by the Graduate Students’ tuition fees.  Fees are set at 1500 € per year (a total sum of 3000 € for two academic years) and are deposited at the bank account of the University of Athens’s Special Research Funds Account (“E.L.K.E.”) within two weeks from their admission for first year students and within two weeks from the start of Semester C for second year students.  In cases of students leaving or being discharged from the Programme, deposited fees are not returned.  In cases of students backing out from the Programme within two weeks from their Admission (for first year students), if the fees have been deposited, they can be returned at the student’s and Scientific Advisor’s request.

Applications Submission and More Information

Calls for admissions are announced anually.  Applications are submitted to the Faculty of Biology’s secretariat (affiliated employee: Mrs Alexandra Grigorakaki) at the appointed days and working hours (Monday-Wednesday-Friday, 11:00 am to 2:00 pm).  The Applications document may be found in the Documents page.

For more information, applicants can contact the secretariat of the Bioinformatics Postgraduate Programme.